The Ozobots are at Mac Choice in Rockhampton!

The Ozobot is one of the smallest smart robots ever created. These cute little guys arrive individually or in twin packs and move around either on top of your tablet, or on top of a sheet of ordinary paper with hand-drawn lines on it. The Ozobots follow the lines drawn on the paper and react to "commands" given to them using various coloured dots and lines on the paper.

This feature - the ability to control and program the Ozobot by drawing lines on paper is one of the strongest features in my opinion. Most educational robots are programmed using a computer or a tablet, and if we're going to be honest about it, most parents will find it difficult to relate to this, or to be able to engage with their kids and take part. With the Ozobots and a large sheet of paper and some marker pens, any mum or dad, or grandparents can easily participate and become involved.

Here's what the Ozobots look like:

Each Ozobot will run for about an hour being fully utilised, and can recharge via a simple USB charging cable which takes about 30 minutes. Each Ozobot comes with the charging cable, a custom "skin" that gives kids the freedom to change the appearance of their Ozobot, a carry case and a sample "playground".

Adding an iPad or other tablet provides even more opportunities and there are plenty of games and puzzles built into the app. The Ozobot website also includes a lot of downloadable content that can be printed out and provide for more challenging content for kids.

Available in either white or black colours, or a twin pack with one of each, the Ozobots are very affordable and sure to be a lot of fun for children and adults.

The Ozobots are arriving in store now so come and check them out.

Our very own "Tested by Kids" video!

Here's a couple of other videos that show some of the Ozobot features in action!