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Mac Choice - your trusted local Apple Authorised Service Provider can now perform a variety of repairs to iPhones using genuine parts that will not void your warranty.


Prices below include all parts and labour. Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) below for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the repairs completed in-store, and how long will it take?
A: Some types of repairs are completed in-store by our Apple-trained technicians. In Australia (at least for now) screen repairs are performed by Apple using very specialised equipment. We advise that the turnaround time can be up to 7 days.

Q: Do I need a screen replacement or Whole Unit Replacement?
A: If the repair involves more than just replacing the screen then a Whole Unit Replacement option is available. For iPads right now there is no screen replacement option available, a whole unit replacement would be required to replace a broken screen. If a device is sent to Apple for screen replacement and the damage is more severe than anticipated the repair can be uplifted to a whole unit replacement, or returned as is.

Q: What if I have AppleCare+ ?
A: AppleCare+ is an extended warranty bought when your phone is new. It provides many benefits one of which is advanced replacement of your iPhone for a small processing fee. If we receive the iPhone at mac Choice in the first half of the day we can usually have the replacement ready to go on the next working day.

Q: What if my Device is broken in some other way?
A: Many types of battery, button and antennae repairs can be completed in store using genuine parts. If the device is damaged badly then there's always the option for a Whole Unit Replacement - where the entire phone is replaced with a refurbished unit. See the pricing in the table above.

Q: Are the repairs guaranteed?
A: Absolutely, in addition to any normal remaining warranty on iPhone, iPad or iPod, Apple provide a 3 month warranty on any repairs. All of our parts are genuine Apple service parts and we do not source any third party parts or perform any unauthorised repairs

Q: Is there anything I need to do before I bring my iPhone, iPad or iPod in?
A: Your device needs to be logged out of "Find my iPhone" before we can work on it. If the device is not usable then this can also be accomplished at Also, we know that your device is full of precious data, so please back it up before you bring it to us if you can.

Q: I see screen repairs advertised all the time cheaply, why would I bring my iPhone, iPod or iPad to Mac Choice for repair?
A: For sure, we recognise that you have options when considering your repair. Apple provides you with the peace of mind of genuine parts and repair undertaken using the proper equipment and expertise. It stands to reason that whilst there may be some good third party repairers out there, there are also many bad ones. Unfortunately we see a lot of repairs that have gone very wrong, and there's little we can do to help once non-genuine parts have been used in an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.