If you have never used a Macintosh before (we'll call it a Mac from now on) but are familiar with a PC running Microsoft Windows you may be surprised to know that it isn't very hard at all to make the switch. The Mac can run most of the same software as a PC and out of the box can do a lot more.


Software and Games

A lot of modern software also has a Mac version available. Common applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and MYOB all have Mac versions, and often they have additional features that the PC version doesn't too. Many modern games, especially those from Blizzard and Maxis are shipping with Mac versions also and the performance of these 3D games is outstanding.

Some applications that are only available on Windows may have equivalents on the Mac - talk to us if you have anything specific that you are concerned about.

From time to time you might have an application that runs on Windows that you can't do replace or do without - did you know it's possible to also run Windows on a Mac so that you can run those applications too? There's a couple of ways to do this so talk to us about your needs and we'll gel you out.


Hardware Accessories and Peripherals


If you have some hardware already there's a good chance it will work with your Mac. Most modern peripherals (mouses, keyboards, printers, scanners, cameras etc.) should work right away. In fact, the Mac Mini is a small computer specifically designed for people coming from a PC - you can continue to use your old mouse, keyboard and monitor which lowers the initial cost and gets you onto a Mac easier!


Internet, Email and Web Browsing


The Mac ships with an excellent web browser called Safari which is extremely fast and suits most people. If you prefer a different web browser rest assured that most are also compatible with the Mac and are virtually identical to the Windows versions.

Popular websites such as Facebook, Youtube, eBay and countless others all look and behave as they do on the PC - except really fast!

Photo and Video Editing


New Macs come with several awesome tools for displaying, managing and editing photos and video. iPhoto provides all the tools you need to import photos from your camera, phone or tablet and catalog and sort them. Albums and slideshows can be created and displayed along with music on your Mac, a tv, or uploaded to a service such a Youtube.

Video taken with a camera, or an iPad or iPhone can be edited in iMovie. As a beginner start with one of the many templates for hours of fun making your own "movie trailers". As you become more advanced you can cease your own transitions, wipes, fades and other amazing effects. Again, movies can be saved and viewed on your Mac, displayed on a big screen tv or uploaded to services such as Youtube.

These amazing tools provide endless fun and education for kids as they explore their own creativity and learn useful skills at the same time.


Security and Backups


Coming from a PC you might be used to the need for many different antivirus and malware type products. Fortunately on the Mac these issues are not as major and for the most part additional products are simply not needed to provide security. The Mac does a good job at safeguarding your system from Internet threats and from unauthorised software running on the system. If you are particularly concerned there are a number of products available to provide "just in case" protection.

Backing up any computer system is vitally important. Luckily its really easy on a Mac! Utilising an Apple time capsule device your Mac (and any others in your home or office) can backup wirelessly and seamlessly without any fuss or hassle. A number of other backup options are also available so discuss your needs with us.


Parental Controls


The Mac provides great built-in support for limiting and controlling what your kids (or anyone really!) can do, how long for, and when. It's really easy to limit usage to certain times of the week (or weekend), limit usage to a certain amount over a period of time, and to block or allow certain programs for running. When the time is up the system will log them out if set up to do so.

A simplified version of the Mac user interface can even be set for younger users to make it easier for them to use the computer, and to stop them seeing important parts of the system.


So Much More


A new Mac out of the box has so much to offer even without adding new software or having to buy anything else. Switching from a PC is a relatively painless matter and a decision you won't regret.