EFM Impact Glass Screen Protector suits iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Xs, and iPhone X


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Superior, market leading impact-resistant iPhone screen protection. EFM Impact Glass Screen Armour Display Optimised iPhone 11 Pro – Clear is constructed from 6 specialised hybrid layers for maximum protection and usability.

The Impact Glass is made from an innovative double-strength hybrid material composition, which protects against cracks, shatters, shocks and scratches, while also featuring fingerprint and grease repelling qualities. Its Nano coating ensures a smooth, touch sensitive finish.


  • For use with iPhone X, iPhone Xs, and iPhone 11 Pro
  • Impact resistant, light and flexible
  • Tough hybrid material composition
  • Schock and scratch-resistant TPU layer
  • Easy cleaning
  • Nano coated smooth, responsive finish
  • Display Optimised: For use with or without a case
  • Eliminates bubbles and air pockets for smooth application