EFM Wireless Portable Power Bank With Desktop Stand 10,000 mAh + 30W Wall Charger


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  • With Wall Charger
  • Stand Functionality

The EFM 10W WIRELESS 10000MAH POWER BANK WITH DESKTOP STAND offers the most convenient way to charge your Qi-enabled devices whether you’re on the move or in your home or office. Featuring up-to 10 Watts of output power, the EFM Wireless Power Bank with Desktop Stand allows you to charge up-to 1.4 times faster than most standard 5 Watt wireless chargers, while its built-in safety mechanism prevents overcharging to prolong the life of your device’s battery. Use the Power Bank unit separately for convenient on-the-go charging or place it on the desktop stand to charge both the Power Bank and your device simultaneous. Take full advantage of your devices wireless charging capabilities with the fast and efficient EFM Wireless Power Bank with Desktop Stand.