Pelican Black Pelican Case & Foam Filler


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The world’s toughest equipment cases – Pelican protector industrial, sport and professional cases are watertight and unbreakable. Their incredibly light structural foam resin always looks new, and is unaffected by dents, scratches or corrosion. They meet and exceed the highest standards of industrial, airline, military and commercial applications.

Originally designed for and currently used in numerous abusive applications by the U.S. & Australian Armed Forces and NATO, Pelican protector cases provide no-nonsense hard knocks protection coverage for on-the-job situations, regardless of the hazards of transportation, handling and site conditions.

Case supplied with foam filler. For colours including blue, silver and orange, contact us for availability.


  • Incredibly tough and watertight
  • Fold down handle
  • Automatic Purge Valve
  • Includes foam filler


Length (External)

214 mm

Width (External)

172 mm

Height (External)

98 mm

Length (Internal)

185 mm

Width (Internal)

121 mm

Height (Internal)

85 mm