iPhone Batteries

As you might be aware, Apple released a press statement recently (it can he read here) talking about iPhone battery replacements.

The Apple press statement covers a lot of detail about the aging of batteries and is worthwhile to read. The information on this page is intended to provide some information on how you can have your battery replaced, and what the costs would be.

First Option – Replacing Your Battery with Apple

It’s possible to book your phone repair in directly on the Apple website. In Australia the replacement cost is $39, plus an additional $20 shipping. Realistically, the cost is actually $59. You’ll obviously need to then ship the phone to Apple, and wait for the repair and the return of your phone.

Best Option – Replacing Your Battery with Mac Choice

Using the same genuine Apple battery part we can perform your battery replacement in-store for only $66. We can usually perform the repair on the same day.

A Few Notes

  • If your iPhone is still under warranty then of course the replacement may not cost anything as this offer is for “out of warranty” phones and the normal warranty still applies to your iPhone
  • If you’re unsure we’re happy to run diagnostics on your iPhone at no cost
  • Please back up your iPhone before bringing it in to us. We know your photos and other data are precious so please don’t put those memories at risk
  • Batteries are in high demand at the moment and because we’re using genuine parts there are some constraints on stock availability
  • There’s a small chance that you might have a stubborn battery that doesn’t want to come out. It happens rarely, but in those cases Apple REALLY wants us to send the phone to them for battery replacement which does cost a little more. If this unlikely event occurs we’ll obviously check with you first to see what you want to do.



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