Business IT Audit

Your team at Mac Choice are business IT experts and are experienced in working with technology in orgainsations of all sizes. If you feel you should be getting more from your IT investments and want an actionable path to take then our Business IT Audit is a geat place to start. We have staff in Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Emerald and can cover most areas in Central Queensland.


Is an IT Audit Right for your Organisation?
  • Highlight opportunities to make improvements using your existing assets
  • Identify risks and threats to your organisation. This is the year to take cybersecurity VERY seriously
  • Understand the dependancies and identify “weak links” in your technology
  • Receive a clear and actionable path to improvement
How does it work?

Work with us to build a plan for your audit. Generally we’ll want to take a look at the systems you have in place now, evaluate the current risks and opportunities to improve, and listen to your current challenges and issues. Of course, our primary focus is to help you to get to where you want to be with a better, stronger and more focused business IT strategy.

  • We’ll perform an onsite audit using our software tools that are removed after we’re done, conduct a number of interviews within your organisation and potentially outside partners or suppliers with your permissions (for example, so we understand how your website is backed up, or how long it might take your ISP to fix an Internet problem.)
  • We compile our findings and recommendations into our final audit report and supply it in electronic format. We also meet to discuss our findings and address or follow up any actions that might come from the audit.
  • Improves understanding of how IT is positioned within the business
  • Highlights and identifies opportunities and threats with clear actions
  • Minimally invasive. We bring the software and remove it afterwards
What’s Next?

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