iPhone Battery Replacement

Over time, the Lithium-Ion batteries in mobile phones and other devices deteriorate and become less effective. As an Apple Authorised service center in Rockhampton we can replace your iPhone battery with a genuine Apple battery and give you the peace of mind of having a genuine battery that will last for many more years to come.


Standard Warranty

iPhone has a standard 12 month warranty which covers defects and faults, and additionally, consumers have additional protections under Australian Consumer Law that may provide for a longer warranty period up to 2 years. You can use the Coverage Checker on Apple’s website to see if this might be the case.

AppleCare+ Warranty

If your iPhone is covered by AppleCare+ your battery is automatically covered. If you are unsure whether you have AppleCare+ on your device, you can use the Coverage Checker on Apple’s website.

If your iPhone is outside of warranty, is not covered by consumer law or doesn’t have AppleCare+ coverage don’t despair as we’re still able to help. We’re able to perform battery replacements (usually) in-store at the following low prices, using 100% genuine Apple batteries and tools, with Apple qualified technicians.

iPhone Model Battery Only Replace Entire iPhone
iPhone SE 1st Gen (Ships to Apple) $99 $499
iPhone 6/6s (6 Ships to Apple) $99 $499
iPhone 6/6s Plus (6 Ships to Apple) $99 $549
iPhone 7 $99 $539
iPhone 7 Plus $99 $619
iPhone 8 $99 $619
iPhone 8 Plus $99 $689
iPhone SE 2nd Gen $99 $499
iPhone X $139 $929
iPhone XR/11 $139 $689
iPhone 12 $139 $749
iPhone 12 mini $139 $669
iPhone XR/11 Pro/12 Pro $139 $929
iPhone XS Max/11 Pro Max/12 Pro Max $139 $999
If your device is damaged in any way (for example, it has a cracked screen), that will need to be repaired and resolved before you can have your iPhone battery replaced


Contact Us

Please start a quick live chat from our website and mention you’d like to bring your iPhone in for a battery replacement. If we’re unable to answer we’ll contact you back as soon as possible. Some times of the year are busier than others, and depending on the situation with COVID-19 the waiting time for parts and repairs in general is a bit longer than usual. Please be patient with us as we’re working hard to get your iPhone back to you as quickly as possible.

Backup And Update Your iPhone

While your iPhone is with us we’ll treat it like it’s our own. We have dedicated storage locations for repairs and our technicians take the utmost care when working on your device. However, we do highly recommend that you perform a full backup before bringing your iPhone to us. We also recommend applying the latest updates if you can.

The following video covers these steps. We recommend leaving the “Find My” feature enabled until you arrive at the store.

Device Management

If your iPhone is owned and managed by a school or a large organisation it may be enrolled in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager. If you’re unsure please consult your IT team and refer them to this step on this page. The device will need to be unassigned first

Final Steps

When bringing your device to us please ensure that you know your Apple ID and password, know your PIN, and have turned off the “Find My” feature.

Apple have some instructions available if you have forgotten your Apple ID. Unfortunately there is no way for us to remove an Apple ID for you.


Why Should You Get Your Battery Replaced at Mac Choice?

We know that there are a lot of available options for battery repair, and it’s easy to understand why we might think that all batteries are the same and that all repairers are the same.

Unfortunately, the reality is that nearly all repairers are not Apple partners and therefore do not have access to Apple genuine parts. Some repairers will claim they have access to ‘OEM’ batteries that are claimed to be exactly the same as Apple batteries, however this is often proven to be untrue. Third party batteries might be:

  • Poorly manufactured as a direct result of needing to be as cheap as possible
  • Previously used and recycled from an old phone without you knowing
  • Damaged and therefore dangerous to use
  • The incorrect battery for your iPhone model, that is ‘forced’ to fit
  • Installed by technicians with limited training