Business eCommerce

Your team at Mac Choice are the ideal partner to work with on your eCommerce project. We have experience in a number of platforms and recommend (and use) WooCommerce as a great “nearly free” option. We can assist with the entire online implementation on your own online web store, as well as eBay and Amazon if applicable. We have staff in Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Emerald and can cover most areas in Central Queensland.


Is Our eCommerce Offering Right for you?
  • You’d like to be able to sell online, and shipping and/or “click and collect” services for your existing business
  • You’d like to sell virtual (downloadable) products online such as books or artwork
  • Assistance with choosing a shipping strategy, label printing and other logistics are needed
  • You need help with the sign up process and mass emailing your mailing list
What Do We Get?

Work with us to build a plan for your project. Of course, we want to understand your goals so that we can specifically aim to deliver the best solution we can. If you haven’t sold online before it generally makes sense to start with a working proof of concept in order to test your market.

  • We’ll get your site live quickly (visible to you and us only) in a basic form before adding art assets, colours and styles
  • As the design progresses we’ll sign you up with a payment processor (there’s no cost), or you can choose to have your customers pay via bank transfer or via a physical pick-up
  • We’ll add your products including variations (e.g. different colour or size options) and provide documentation and training on how to add more products
  • We’ll provide training and documentation on how to add promotional voucher codes, manage sales and deal with the basic operations of the site. Our goal is to train you enough to keep the site running yourself if you want to. Of course, we’re happy to help keep things up to date and make advanced changes and upgrades for you in the future
  • We can provide assistance, or build the entire site
  • Our goal is to train you to run with the site when we’re done, and we’re available to give you a hand if you need it. If you want us to do everything then that’s okay too
  • We take care of a lot of the details such as security, spam, and backups
What’s Next?

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