Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I broke my iPhone or iPad screen – now what?

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider we’re able to offer genuine repair or replacement of iPhones and iPads.

My device is not working properly – is it under warranty?

Got a new device that is not functioning as it should and would like to know if your device is under warranty? You can check your coverage here  via typing in your serial number. Depending on the issue and physical status of your device, we can advise you on the best course of action.

Are the repairs completed in-store, and how long will it take?

Some types of repairs such as batteries and screen replacements are completed in-store by our Apple-trained technicians. Some devices will need to be sent to Apple if the issue can not be resolve in-store, the advised turn around is 7-10 working days.

Do I need a screen replacement or Whole Unit Replacement?

If the repair involves more than just replacing the screen then a Whole Unit Replacement option is available. For iPads right now there is no screen replacement option available, a whole unit replacement would be required to replace a broken screen. If a device is sent to Apple for screen replacement and the damage is more severe than anticipated the repair can be uplifted to a whole unit replacement, or returned as is.

What if I have AppleCare+ ?

AppleCare+ is an extended warranty bought when your phone is new. It provides many benefits one of which is advanced replacement of your iPhone for a small processing fee. If we receive the iPhone at Mac Choice in the first half of the day we can usually have the replacement ready to go on the next working day.

What if my Device is broken in some other way?

Many types of battery, button and antennae repairs can be completed in store using genuine parts. If the device is damaged badly then there’s always the option for a Whole Unit Replacement – where the entire phone is replaced thru Apple’s Replacement Program. See the pricing in the table above.

Are the repairs guaranteed?

Absolutely, in addition to any normal remaining warranty on iPhone, iPad or iPod, Repairs/replacements are covered by 24 month consumer law warranty. Repaired units only gain this additional coverage on the part that was replaced. For a full explanation of your rights under consumer law please refer to https://www.apple.com/au/legal/statutory-warranty/

Is there anything I need to do before I bring my iPhone, iPad, or iPod in?

Your device needs to be logged out of “Find my iPhone” before we can work on it. If the device is not usable then this can also be accomplished at icloud.com. Also, we know that your device is full of precious data, so please back it up (IOS) before you bring it to us if you can.

Please ensure you remove your SIM card out of your iPhone or iPad as they are not needed for repairs.

Is there anything I need to do before I bring my iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro in?

We strongly recommend you always back up your device thru iCloud or you can use Time Machine to back up your precious data. If you are having trouble backing it up, we can save your files for you for a minimal fee or recommend a good data recovery centre if we are not able to do so.

Do you guys need the accessories for my devices?

Unless the accessories are the issue and they are not not working well with your device, please do not bring them in. Accessories like charging cables, chargers, earphones, watch bands, keyboard, mice etc are not required for us to process your repair. We are not responsible in keeping them while your device is being repaired.

I am not able to go to the store, can I send the item via Australia Post or a courier?

Yes, you certainly can! Just make sure you pack your device nice and safe and you can post that out to us anytime. We also prepared a downloadable form for you to fill out and send with the device that would make it easier for us to grab your details and what is wrong with your device.

Repair Form (please click on the file, Save Image As and print the file)


I see screen repairs advertised all the time cheaply, why would I bring my iPhone, iPod or iPad to Mac Choice for repair?

For sure, we recognise that you have options when considering your repair. Apple provides you with the peace of mind of genuine parts and repair undertaken using the proper equipment and expertise. It stands to reason that whilst there may be some good third party repairers out there, there are also many bad ones. Third party repairers do not have access to genuine Apple spare parts so the quality of replacements screens will vary substantially. Unfortunately we see a lot of repairs that have gone very wrong, and there’s little we can do to help once a non-genuine parts has been used in an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Please be very cautious of a non-genuine repair and make an informed decision as to whether it is worth the risk. If your device is less than 24 months old and still has an Australian warranty then a non-genuine repair may affect some or all of your warranty in the future.

If you would like to know more information about non-genuine repairs/parts, we have included an information sheet summarising the issues that come with getting your device repaired with non-genuine parts.

Apple Non-Genuine repairs/parts Information Sheet