EFM Monaco D3O Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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EFM Monaco Leather Wallet Case Armour with D3O 5G Signal Plus technology is our premium, 5G optimised offering for slim, tough and classy device protection. Features durable and secure flip cover with recessed card slots to reduce bulkiness and keep items securely in place. Outer shell is constructed with Graphene trims and genuine leather and integrated with revolutionary D3O 5G Signal Plus Technology to provide superior impact resistance that we know and trust from D3O now with the added benefit of optimal 5G signal transfer. D3O with Signal Plus Technology is the only material to meet the industry 5G permittivity standard and is proven to limit 5G signal loss by 37 percent compared to any other case material in market giving your device optimum 5G signal, crystal clear audio and video, faster download speeds, prolonged battery life and best in-class impact protection.


  • Leathers
  • Fashion/Patterned
  • Credit Card Storage

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